Privacy Policy

  1. We collect personal information from you (and possibly from your Trust and/or Company) including information about your name, your contact information, your interactions with us, your medical, financial, personal identity information and about any financial products you purchase through us or financial products that you ask us to be the adviser for.
  2. We collect your personal information in order to:- confirm identity, be able to provide relevant insurance products to protect you from potential financial risk, offer relevant options for retirement planning, investment planning and KiwiSaver, be able to offer suitable property lending options and, keep in touch with our clients to provide updates and insights on our services.
  3. Besides our Advisers and staff, we may share this information with:
    1. Insurance and financial product providers in order to be able to provide tailored solutions and fit-for-purpose products
    2. Insurance providers in order to claim on insurance products
    3. Financial product providers to assist with making contributions to and withdrawals from investments and KiwiSavers
    4. Compliance advisers, assessors or by any claims’ investigators or regulators (FMA) who may need access to such information; and
    5. Other professionals such as solicitors, accountants, finance and mortgage brokers, fire & general brokers and financial planners when such services are required to complement this advice and as requested by you.
  4. It is understood that any information gathered for this needs analysis is personal and we undertake to keep this information confidential and secure.
  5. Medical information (if applicable) upon which special acceptance conditions have been based for insurance contracts, may be disclosed to our company or to your Adviser by the insurer.
  6. The confidential information will be held by me / us at the Adviser’s office address and may be in paper format and/or electronic files and/or may be held remotely in secure electronic storage systems or via paper records held in safe storage off site.
  7. The Privacy Act 1993 gives you the right to request access to, and correction of, your personal information.

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