UK to New Zealand – Migration and retirement pensions

(Vibrant Hutt article June/July 2013)

Tena Koutou. As an Englishman who has been living in New Zealand with my wife Carol and our youngest child Olivia for the past five years, we all know only too well that making the decision to emigrate to a new country is not an easy one.

Often you will be leaving family and friends behind and you will essentially leave everything you have ever known behind in order to live in a new country that is relatively unfamiliar.

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British Pension Transfers Ltd on UK Pensions

(Vibrant Hutt article October/November 2009)

Over 200,000 Brits have made New Zealand their home over the last few years. So I asked Ian Jordan Cert PFS CeMAP, our resident Pommy UK pensions’ expert to give his insight on what our Commonwealth cousins do for their retirement planning:

“Living here in New Zealand, I see that there are many similarities between our two countries. We speak the Queen’s English, we drive on the left hand side of the road, we love fish & chips and we strive to own our homes and of course it was an Englishman, the famous William Webb-Ellis, who picked up a round football in 1823 and ran with it for the first time thus inventing the Kiwi national game. So all good stuff.

But there is one depressing similarity, which is that we are both intrinsically dreadful at saving money for our retirement years.

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