Transferring Your Pension

Transferring your UK Pension to a QROPS can be complex and often very time consuming, but we have a wealth of experience and knowledge of UK Pensions and will make it easy for you.
To get started we need to collect some basic information from you and then we will be able to advise you accordingly.

So the first step is to either fill out our Pension Transfer Enquiry Form (or if you prefer, telephone us with your enquiry).

Upon receipt of your enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss your individual requirements.
Wherever possible we always recommend a face to face initial discovery meeting where we establish your needs, wants. and goals. The pension transfer process is then initiated by completing a Letter of Authority enabling British Pension Transfers Ltd to establish the details of your pension scheme.


We will then request up to date pension fund values, transfer values, future projected benefits and  full pension scheme details. We require this information in order to advise you on whether it is a suited option or not to transfer your U.K. pension fund to a New Zealand QROPS.
In the interim period, whilst we are awaiting information from your U.K. pension scheme, we will complete a full factfind on your current circumstances and carry out a full needs analysis of your circumstances. We will discuss your future retirement needs and establish your attitude to investment risk. Then we  will be in position to offer you our advice and recommendations as to whether our New Zealand QROPS product provider panel meets with your needs and current circumstances.
Disclaimer:  British Pension Transfers Ltd are not authorised to give any UK financial advice and do not offer such advice. British Pension Tranfers Ltd are not authorised under the UK Financial Services Act to give investment or taxation advice to people in the UK. No advice should be taken from this web site either directly or indirectly.

British Pension Transfers Ltd will give specific investment advice on your personal situation here in New Zealand.

British Pension Transfers Ltd  are not tax specialists and you should consult an Accountant or Tax Adviser.

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